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Power almost everything

Home 3000 and its 3072Wh capacity has more than enough power for your daily life. With 3000W output and 6000W surge power, you are covered from refrigerators, washer and dryers, to circular saw.


Fastest Charging Speed, AC and Solar.

No need to purchase additional units. Gendome Home 3000 itself can be charged with AC outlets from 0-80% in 50 minutes. Thanks to Fast-Gen Technology, Gendome Home 3000 only needs 2.5 hours to charge fully with solar panles. That’s over 4 times faster than our closest competitor, 8 times faster than industry average.


Powered By Certified EV Batteries

Safety is our very first priority. That’s why we use the higher standard EV battery and battery management systems for Gendome Home 3000. The battery went through 28 different safety and performance tests. As a result, the battery still has 80% of its original capacity after 2500 cycles, and has up to 6500 cycles.


App controlled and smart home connected

Take full control on your fingertips. With Gendome smart app, you can track energy consumption, customize power settings and schedule your energy recharge for a lower cost. Connect to your Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, then all you need is to say the words (Coming in 2023 through OTA update). Yep, it’s that smart.


Gendome Home 3000 Portable Power Station

$2,999.00 Regular Price
$2,899.00Sale Price


Go Green And Save Energy Bills
With Non-stop Solar And Wind.

Take advantage and take care of our mother nature. Gendome has the most complete renewable power solution.
With 1500W max solar power and 200W max wind power, charging green is now fast and always.

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